Warm and energy saving

Going through old pictures and come across the lovely old heaters.

One of the major issues with the commem, was it was soooo cold. Last year trustees installed central heating with 8 new radiators. Not only were the old ones hideous to look at, they sure weren’t up to the job to warm the commem up, even when they did all work.


Further improvements

Tarmac laid to widen the path down to the library and field.

Previously is was just a dirt boarder. The library was another part of the site that would get flooded in bad storms. Some of you may remember early 2020 drainage works where we completed the other side to help stop the Orchard Room flood again.

Unfortunately one of the storms late last year was just too strong and the drains couldn’t manage the rain that was coming off the roof. Roger, one of our trustees, fitted a new drain by the library main entrance doors and also another drain next to the Orchard Room fire exit. So far so good.

Thank you Roger.

New blinds

From the old blue and green thin curtains that always needed to be put back up… to stylish new grey black out blinds. Fantastic for film nights, parties and productions. Keep an eye on the page for more before and after pictures.

Thank you Paul for installing them.

More improvements

Through lockdown trustees have been making further improvements on site at the Commemoration Hall. Some of you may remember the emergency exit route down the side of the White Hart. Here are before and after pictures. We now have a second disabled emergency exit from the main hall. Keep an eye on the page as further improvements will be posted.

Public loos

Our on site caretaker not only manages the Commemoration Hall and meeting rooms etc, since April, she also cleans the village public toilets. Some great feedback already from villagers who use the toilets that are on site. Jemma said they are a work in progress and she is working with the Parish Council to make some updates and modifications.

Our NEW website

Our NEW website

If you are reading this, then everything has worked and you are reading our new website.

The months in lockdown have not been wasted. Not only did the hall and rooms get a lick of paint, but we have been beavering away working on this new site and a completely new booking system.

The aim of the site is to give you more information about what the hall can offer you, as well as being our shop front to show you what is happening and when.

Feel free to look around the site, and pop back to keep up to date and make any bookings.