Please contact Jemma Pantrey on 07392111887

or email: to make a booking.

The calendar below shows the current bookings. This allows you to plan where you would like to reserve a slot BEFORE you  then download the Hiring Application 2020  – print it, complete it and send it in to the address on the form. This booking is not confirmed until a CONFIRMATION OF HIRING form has been issued.The conditions of Hiring are shown in   Hire Conditions 2020

Organisation – Wadhurst Institute Hall & Field  –  High Street, Wadhurst, East Sussex

There are three individual areas available for booking:- Main Hall – Orchard Room – Committee Room.

Charges: are per session morning – afternoon – evening. From £55 to £75( depending on day/session) plus extra for any special equipment required.

Please note on the calendar:

O = Orchard Room (the red door along the passage to the Library, next to the History Room) seats 25 plus single toilet. Charge £25 per session. Down 5 steps.

C = Committee Room (at the rear of the Hall beyond the Library) seats 14 people around a large table. Charge £15 per session. Access at ground level.

Bookings shown for the above do not interfere with a booking for the Main Hall.


The Start and Finishing times you fill in on your booking application should be strictly kept to.     The booking secretary will need at least 48 hours notice if you wish to request a change of the times from your original application. This will enable enough time to amend your application and also ensure the caretaker is available to open and lock up the Hall and/or rooms for your booking.