Wadhurst Commemoration Hall

Tender for Services Cover for the Charity’s Caretaker

WI,H&F is a local charity serving the community of Wadhurst Parish with the Commemoration Hall, Offices, Library, function rooms and a recreational field.

The Hall (located in the High Street) is a central hub for the community providing a venue for a wide range of activities, including the popular Farmers’ Market, Brass Band and Amateur Dramatics performances, Badminton and Dance classes, Craft fairs, History and Art exhibitions, U3A events and a host more.

The level of activity has increased significantly and the Charity is now seeking to provide additional cover and support for its excellent full-time caretaker.

It is therefore inviting expressions of interest in providing supplementary Caretaking Services as set out below.
The initial requirements are:

  1. Provision of the Caretaking Services cover on alternate weekends which may include unsociable hours.

Activities and hours are dependent on the weekend’s room bookings, but the Services will include:

2. Provision of the Caretaking Services cover when the caretaker is on holiday. This will involve a similar set of activities but on a wider basis. Max 30 days per year.

3. The contract will be let on an individual, self-employed basis or through a named company, with a four-week termination notice period.

Tender responses should be sent to ‘commemhall@gmail.com’ by Tuesday 14th June and should include:

It is expected that some clarification will be required and in the first instance please contact the Caretaker, Jemma Pantrey, on 07392 111887.

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